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How is air duct thermal insulation performed?

Everyone who engages in an HVAC fabric duct system knows that there needs to be a layer of rubber or elastomeric cladded on the surface of the GI duct to play a role in thermal insulation and prevent the cold air or hot air leakage from the GI duct and causing condensation.

How does the fabric air duct realize the heat insulation?

Insusox is a pre-insulated composite ductwork with perfect integration of special fabric surfaces and high-performance thermal insulation utilizing exclusively patented composite technology. The specific principle is as follows:

When the form of the central air conditioning is cooling or heating, we must choose the permeable fiber fabric as the air duct material. When sending cold air, under the effect of the pressure in the tube, the cold air will penetrate through the gap of the fiber and form a 360 ° airflow layer around the pipe, so that the cold air coming out of the pipe and the outside hot air will not touch on the wall of the air pipe, and there is no landing point and no condensation on the duct.

The air duct not only needs no extra duct insulation material but also has a variety of colors to choose from, which can be matched with various decoration styles.