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Cleaning and Maintenance Methods of the Fabric Air Duct

For everything, regular maintenance is very important. The purpose of this is not only to keep these things clean and hygienic, but more importantly, to extend the service life of these things. The fabric duct is no exception. So, what are the maintenance methods for the fabric duct?

1. Before washing the fabric air duct

Before washing, please remove the fabric air duct. When disassembling, please pay attention: unzip the zipper between the fabric air duct binding entrance and the pipe body to separate the fabric air duct body from the entrance. When disassembling the fabric duct for hoisting with steel ropes, please take off the hooks of the fabric duct one by one from the suspended steel cables. Do not drag or pull the fabric duct during this process, and pay attention to keep the fabric duct away from sharp objects to prevent Scratch the fabric duct. When removing the sliding rail to hoist the fabric air duct, please first remove the anti-dropping plug at the end of the sliding rail, and slowly pull out the fabric air duct trickle or sliding strip from the sliding rail from the end.

2. Washing of the fabric air duct

In order to facilitate the cleaning of the fabric air duct, the connecting zippers between each section of the fabric air duct should be opened during washing to separate the connected pipe sections and put into the corresponding pipe section for cleaning according to the capacity of the washing machine. Please make sure that no sharp or hard objects are mixed into the washing fabric duct to prevent the fabric duct from being damaged during the washing process. Do not use chemical detergents such as bleach in the cleaning process to avoid affecting the service life of the fabric duct. After cleaning, the fabric duct can be dried or dried in a cool, ventilated place. Avoid drying, twisting, and exposure to the sun. Maintaining the fabric air duct can prolong its service life and reduce certain economic expenditures.