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The Difference Between Sox Air Duct and Chinese Cloth Air Duct

In recent years, with the successful promotion of sox air ducts in China and the continuous improvement of users' acceptance of sox air ducts, many industries have abandoned the traditional air duct system and made the sox air duct system the first choice. At the same time, several manufacturers of imitation sox air duct products have appeared in China one after another. Most of the products of these manufacturers are made of general-purpose fibers without accurate permeability and precise opening technology. The core technology of their products is similar to the cloth air ducts in the 1950s and 1960s, and their product name is still called "cloth air duct".

When Chinese cloth air duct manufacturers promote their products, they directly apply the advantages of sox air duct products to their own products, which leads to confusion among users between sox air ducts and bag air ducts. So, what is the difference between the sox air duct and the cloth air duct?

1. Technical specifications

Cloth air duct: Due to the lag in technology and equipment, the permeability of the air duct is usually the same as the clothing fabrics, which is in an uncontrollable range: 0.01-0.03m/s. When the infiltration air volume is greater than 40%-60%, it will lead to high-altitude energy loss and pressure relief, so the cloth air duct cannot be bulged and shaken. At the same time, it will cause the fan to be overloaded and burn out.

Durkeesox's air duct: Durkeesox has ten general standard permeability, which can match precisely the air conditioning system to ensure the actual air outlet effect. At the same time, our air duct can be customized according to different engineering needs. The world's unique micro-permeable fiber fabric of less than 9m³/㎡/h (2.5mm/s or 0.5cfm/ft2) of sox air ducts can control the amount of penetration to a minimum even under high altitude and high pressure, and achieve anti-condensation. At the same time, it is more energy-saving and the air supply effect is better.

2. Fire resistance

cloth air duct: Chinese cloth air duct usually adopts the method of fire retardant dunking and adding fire retardant coating to deal with the fire. However, after the product is washed, the fire resistance performance decreases. Not only that, many manufacturers of fiber materials cannot provide fire inspection report certificates, and the fire performance is lower than the national building fire-protection rating B. In addition, the sub-items such as smoke toxicity cannot meet the national standards, and there are great hidden dangers in the actual project, which cannot pass the fire control acceptance.

Durkeesox's air duct: The material of Durkeesox's air duct is a permanent flame retardant fiber material directly woven by nanotechnology. After 50 times of washing, it meets the national B-s1, d0, t0 fire-protection rating requirements. Smoke toxicity meets the national ZA1 level requirements and obtains the "flame retardant identification certificate in public places" issued by the national authority. At the same time, it has grade A materials, which can meet the higher requirements of fire protection in underground buildings and super high-rise buildings. In addition, through the U. S. UL and AC167 product certification, Singapore COC product certification, EU EN/BS testing, and China NFTC testing, the sox air duct meets the fire protection requirements of the world.

3. R&D design

cloth air duct: Many manufacturers do not have a professional technical team responsible for product development and design. Designers only rely on the design experience of traditional air ducts to estimate the size, quantity, and row number of openings, which often causes the entire air conditioning system to fail.

Durkeesox's air duct: Durkeesox has the only national-level design and development center in the industry in China. There are around 30 professional R&D and design personnel in the center, who are professionally responsible for the R&D and design of sox air duct products. And they can provide the most reliable system and technical support.

4. Manufacturing

cloth air duct: Many manufacturers in China are small in scale and adopt the original small workshop-style extensive production method. The production equipment is outdated, and the finished product is not inspected, so the use effect of the product in the actual project cannot be guaranteed.

Durkeesox's air duct: Durkeesox has four unique fully automatic production lines in the world and a world-leading laser processing center. The annual production capacity is 3 million square meters. At the same time, Dukanthos has the largest and most complete effect testing platform in the industry in the world, and all finished products have undergone a strict quality inspection.

5. Engineering services

cloth air duct: Many manufacturers just sell products without systematic engineering services. During use, due to the installation and design, the appearance of the cloth air duct is poor, and the air supply effect is not good.

Durkeesox's air duct: Durkeesox is the first in the industry to introduce and fully implement the international advanced 3×3 whole-process engineering service control system, providing customers with comprehensive pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services. At present, it has nearly a thousand engineering projects in China and has accumulated rich experience in engineering services.

To sum up, the core difference between the sox air duct and cloth air duct is the permeability and fire performance of the product. In addition, sox air ducts are far ahead of cloth air ducts in product development, production, engineering services, and other aspects. These real and detailed analyses are a powerful blow to the false advantages of cloth air duct manufacturers and provide an important reference for customers to choose air duct products.