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The Application of the Sox Air Duct in Food Processing Workshop Warehouse

The antibacterial agent is added to the fiber material of the air sox fabric duct during the production process to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, especially the antibacterial rate against mold is as high as 99%. In addition, the sox air duct discharges the air in an osmotic way. Under the action of wind pressure, the hot and humid air outside the tube cannot contact the wall of the sox air duct, so there is no condensation on the surface of the bag air duct.

The weight of the sox air duct system is only 1/40 of the traditional iron duct, which is easy to install. It not only meets the load-bearing requirements of the workshop but also greatly saves the engineering cycle. In addition, the installation of the sox air duct system is very easy, because it is extremely easy to disassemble and install, and it can be washed. As long as the spare section is replaced, it can be cleaned without stopping the production, which can greatly reduce the cleaning and maintenance costs.

The textile air duct is widely used in various types of bakery bread or biscuits workshops, liquid dairy products or beverage workshops, meat food or seafood processing workshops, and other health care, seasoning, snack food workshops, and some other site that has suspended ceilings or open places. It has the advantages of uniform air supply, prevention of food drying, anti-condensation, easy installation, easy cleaning, and maintenance.

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