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The Characteristics and Advantages of Fabric Air Duct

Many railway stations, shopping malls, and other places have a dense flow of people and poor air quality, so they will install a fabric air duct system. During the installation of the air conditioning fresh air system, they will use textile ductwork, which has obvious material characteristics, fast air output speed, light volume, and weight of the whole material, with easy installation and wide usage. So, what are the advantages of fabric ducting?

The characteristics of the fiber duct are quite obvious, the airflow rate is very fast, the appearance is beautiful, and it can also be designed with decoration. Whether it is the modern house decoration style, European style, or Chinese style, it will use fabric ducting. The environmental protection aspect of the fiber ductwork is preliminarily tested and evaluated by the technical personnel. The carbon emission is only 1% of the traditional air duct system with even airflow and speed.

A lot of outdoor air is not circulating. If we want to achieve ventilation, we prefer insulated air ducting whose product quality is reliable. This kind of fabric ductwork is also very simple to install. Moreover, the performance advantage of fiber ductwork is more obvious. It is made of flexible materials, which will shrink when there is no air supply, greatly saving the installation space. To get a better visual effect, you can choose a double-row suspension to install the system.

What are the characteristics and advantages of fabric fiber air ducts? Do you have a clear idea? During the construction of many houses, the flexible materials will shrink when there is no air supply, which greatly saves the installation space. Moreover, the textile ducts have strong plasticity. It can be arranged in an arc a circle or an ellipse closed layout according to the actual needs. Moreover, the textile ducting has a large air outlet area, a large air volume, and an arc design, which is not only beautiful but also makes the air supply more uniform, Therefore, it is recognized by multiple customers.

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