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The Application of Fiber Air Duct in Central Air-conditioning System

Fabric air duct ventilation system has the characteristics of uniform and comfortable air supply, health and environmental protection, convenient installation, easy cleaning and maintenance, etc. It is widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, exhibitions, theaters and other commercial public places; various sports venues; various industrial plants; all kinds of food plants. Fabric air duct system is a flexible air dispersion system supply made of special fibers for uniform air and is an air-out terminal system which replaces traditional air supply ducts, air valves, air diffusers and thermal insulation materials.

1. Because the unique air supply mode of the fabric air duct system combines the advantages of displacement ventilation and induced ventilation, the cold and hot air is stratified at a certain height in the air-conditioned room, so that the cooling and heat quantity can be mixed and delivered to the working surface more quickly. According to the actual calculation, the time of reaching the design temperature in summer in supermarkets using the fiber fabric air duct system is 10-15 minutes faster than that using the traditional system, which can effectively avoid unnecessary energy loss!

2. The unique air outlet mode of the fabric air duct system determines that the fabric air duct system has special anti-condensation mode and accurate air supply ability, and it adopts the air supply system with large temperature difference to ensure the comfort of personnel without additional costs such as thermal insulation materials and large temperature difference air supply, so the energy-saving effect can be achieved.

3. When the fabric air duct system is coordinated with other parts of the central air-conditioning system, there is no need to increase the air volume and pressure of the air-conditioning unit, and even the air pressure will reduce, which plays a role of energy saving.