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The Characteristics of Sox Air Duct Adapt to More Market Demands

In recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, because the defects of traditional air ducts have been unable to meet the development needs of building ventilation systems, many industries have turned to the use of sox air ducts with green environmental concepts. The sox air duct system is a kind of air outlet system which is made of special flame retardant fibers and integrates various functions of traditional air duct, static pressure box, air valve, diffuser, and insulation material. It calculates the size of the pipe diameter through the fluid, designs the wind mode according to the field, and rationally lays out the wind pipe system by relying on the unique wind mode of fiber penetration and orifice jet, so that it is possible to uniformly supply air in three dimensions.

The ventilation sock system is very different from the iron ducts used earlier. The new air sox duct is made of flexible fiber material, which can be customized and processed into various shapes. It uses a variety of installation methods such as steel ropes and slide rails, and has a wide range of applications. The density of sox air duct is about 250g / ㎡, which is only one tenth or one hundredth of that of ordinary air duct and traditional air duct. Its installation and disassembly are more convenient than traditional air ducts. At the same time, the fiber fabric used in the sox air duct is specially treated, which has tensile strength, tear strength and extremely low washing size variation rate. Different product series also have different characteristics, such as antibacterial series and antistatic R-series. At the same time, we are also developing more updated product series to meet market demands.

When the sox air duct reaches a certain cleaning cycle, there is no need to worry about cleaning like the traditional air duct, and there is no need to invite high-tech "cleaning robots". It only takes a very short time to remove the fabric air duct, put it into an industrial washing machine, put a special cleaning agent, and choose a strong wash. The entire cleaning process can be completed within a few hours, and the operation is simple and has no threshold. No special training is required, and even it can achieve single-person independent operation.