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Strong Market Performance of Fourth-generation Fiber Fabric Air Duct Products

As the application of fiber fabric air distribution system becomes increasingly popular, the market demand is growing, and customers have higher requirements, such as the aesthetic requirements when it is not in operation.

Based on the above market demand, Durkee has been expanding and innovating for many years. After overcoming a series of difficulties in cleaning, installation, transportation, weight, lifespan, and strength during research and development, it has finally launched a heavyweight upgraded product that fully meets the above requirements - Durkee IRR Air Duct System.

Durkee IRR Air Duct System is a beautiful system product made of high-performance special materials and patented technology structures that can maintain a complete round pipe shape in non-ventilated state. It has the characteristics of beauty, simple production, light weight, high strength, good flexibility, easy packaging and transportation, easy installation, easy cleaning, long lifespan, and economy.

Since its launch, Durkee IRR Air Duct System has quickly attracted customers' attention with its unique advantages. The number of engineering cases has continued to increase, and it has been widely used in large automobile factories, all kinds of national and local sports venues, various commercial centers, and supermarkets. The launch of Durkee IRR Air Duct System has brought the fiber fabric air duct into the fourth generation of products. Based on the permeability and fire resistance of fiber materials, it creates the "most beautiful fiber duct product in history," far surpassing the second-generation bag-type air duct products of other domestic manufacturers.