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Construction and Installation Comparison of Cloth Air Duct and Various Types of Air Ducts

Ⅰ. Construction and installation of cloth air duct

The cloth air duct is different from the traditional metal air pipe, for the cloth air duct system is specially designed and manufactured for each project. It can adopt a simple straight pipe system or a more complicated appearance. The accessories include arc elbows, T-shaped pipes, transition pipes or other connecting pipes.

Ⅱ. Construction and installation of various cloth air ducts

1. Composite glass fiber board duct: Compared with iron sheet and glass fiber reinforced plastic duct, the weight is lighter, and the material is easier to use, but it still needs auxiliary brackets, etc., which has certain requirements for the house structure.

2. Cloth air duct: The quality of the cloth air duct is only 1/30 of that of the composite air duct. The installation is extremely simple. The general engineering of the cloth air duct can even be installed independently by a single person. The physical structure requirements are low. For example, the temporary tents of the Beijing Olympic Games athletes' restaurants used cloth air duct.

3. Galvanized sheet steel duct: The duct is heavy, the production and installation cycle is long, and the change of the duct size and direction is time-consuming and laborious. The insulation layer is installed on-site after the duct is installed, and the process is cumbersome.

4. Inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic duct: Compared with the cloth air duct, the inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic duct is bulky, difficult to handle with higher strength, but is relatively fragile, and susceptible to collisions and breakage and damage. The production and installation cycle is long, and the pipe size and direction changes are time-consuming. It is equivalent to galvanized steel sheet in terms of noise reduction and heat preservation.