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Introduction of the Application of Durkeesox Fabric Duct in Beijing Daojing Sports Center

The Daojing Sports Center is located in the "Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Daxing Biomedical Base", a gathering place for 500,000 business and fashion people. There are already more than 1,000 Chinese and other technology companies settled in the surrounding area, as well as primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the urban functional area, and convenient subway and well-equipped urban facilities.

The project covers an area of about 14,000 square meters and has a professional basketball court, professional fitness and physical training and rehabilitation, trampoline, rock climbing, children's sports training, and sports-themed cafes and light food services as a leisure service sports complex.

The Daojing Sports Center is a typical case of the first batch of "sports complexes" at the China Sports Industry Conference and will become a new sports vitality center for the urban life of the masses - sports · ie · life.

The design concept of Durkeesox fabric duct in Beijing Daojing Sports Center

As a demonstration project of the first batch of "sports complexes" at the China Sports Industry Conference, the Beijing Daojing Sports Venue is a light steel structure with a height of 12 meters and multiple venue types and large space. It not only has strict requirements for bearing capacity, but also requires energy-saving and simple and beautiful system layout.

The venue uses a dual-directional "fresh air system" in cooperation with the UK, which is environmentally friendly and healthy. The indoor uses "air source" heating and cooling. Finally, the green and environmentally friendly IRR-N series supported Durkeesox fabric duct is selected for air supply to ensure the environmental health of Beijing.

The use effect of Durkeesox fabric duct

Energy saving and environmental protection

The Durkeesox main duct is arranged at a height of 8 meters, using a micro-permeable material to reduce energy loss at high altitude. The branch duct is arranged at a height of 5 meters, with a fast air supply speed, forming laminar air supply and saving energy below.

In addition, the entire volume and weight of the IRR-N series Durkeesox fabric duct is only 1% of traditional air ducts, occupying a small amount of natural resources and being low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

The air supply is uniform and comfortable

The Durkeesox duct system uses various permeability rates and designed multi-row opening forms for air supply. The longitudinal direction is linear air supply, and the axial direction is fan-shaped air supply, forming a three-dimensional face air supply with excellent comfort and overall air supply uniformity and accuracy.

The system is simple, beautiful, and high-end

The IRR-N series supported Durkeesox fabric duct can maintain a perfect round pipe shape without ventilation, and the gray pipe harmonizes with the indoor environment, simple and high-end. At the same time, Daojing logo is printed on the Durkeesox duct according to customer needs.


The N-series Durkeesox duct system sends air through fiber penetration in the entire duct wall, forming an air layer outside the duct wall, making the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the duct wall almost negligible, and completely solving the problem of condensation in the air duct.

Easy to construct

The Durkeesox fabric duct is woven from special fibers, which is extremely light, about 1/40 of the weight of traditional metal ducts, and is lifted by matching steel wire ropes, with a construction period of less than 1/10 of traditional ducts and no material waste on site.

With the improvement of China's economic level, the construction of various high-end sports complexes in China is increasing. Due to its unique advantages, Durkeesox ducts have perfectly solved the problems in the design and construction of sports venues.

In the industry, from large sports venues to various small and medium-sized sports venues, Durkeesox fabric ducts have been promoted and applied for more than ten years, and owners and designers have fully recognized the products of Durkeesox ducts.