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The Notes for the Installation Process of the Air Ducts

With the current rapid development of the social economy, many large shopping malls, and many high-end residential areas are willing to install the central air duct system, among which, the air duct plays an important role, this is a delicate project. As for ac duct installation, you need to choose professional construction personnel and must determine the shape of the air duct of the air conditioning system and arrange the air duct reasonably. There are also many fresh air warehouses that choose to install the air ducts. So, what should you pay attention to during the installation of air ducts?

It is easy to find that the characteristics of the air duct system are more obvious. Determine the shape of the air duct of the air conditioning system, arrange the textile duct reasonably, and draw the axonometric drawing of the air duct system. It is available to design the air duct first, and mark the length and air volume of the duct. The length of the pipeline is generally calculated according to the length of the centerline of the two pipes. The reasonable air flow rate can be selected according to the most economical principle of cost.

At the same time, in the installation and design process of the air duct, it is very important to mark the length and air volume of the duct. The most unfavorable loop when selecting for the duct system generally refers to the loop which is the farthest or with the most local resistance. You must calculate the cross-sectional size of the air distribution pipe section by section based on the given air volume and the selected flow rate, and make it consistent. It is necessary to choose large-scale and well-known ac duct manufacturers, and make comparisons among multiple companies and choose the one that gives tailor-made services according to your needs.