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Durkee Can Help You to Get GSP Certification

GSP is the English abbreviation of "Good Supply Practice for Quality Management of Pharmaceutical Business, which is the unified quality management standard for pharmaceutical business enterprises.  According to the Ministry of Health Order No. 90 document, the new version of GSP has been adopted by the Ministry of Health Ministry Council on November 6, 2012, and will be effective from June 1, 2013. According to the deployment of the National Medical Products Administration, all pharmaceutical business enterprises will be in 3 to 5 years to complete the certification of the GSP, which failed to obtain the GSP certification of enterprises in the next round of pharmaceutical business enterprises will be disqualified from operating pharmaceutical business when the license renewal.

GSP certification has made clear provisions on the warehouse facilities and equipment requirements of pharmaceutical enterprise: the wholesale and retail enterprises should set up warehouses with different temperature and humidity conditions according to the storage requirements. The cold storage warehouse temperature should be 2~10℃; The temperature of the cooling warehouse shall not exceed 20℃; The normal temperature warehouse's temperature is 0~30℃. The relative humidity of each warehouse should be between 45 and 75%.

At present, many pharmaceutical companies or manufacturers in China have begun preparations for GSP certification, the first task is the renovation of the ventilation of pharmaceutical logistics warehouses.

Pharmaceutical logistics warehouses are generally high and open space. the air supply mode of traditional GI duct system is point to point air supply, the air supply is not uniform and cannot precisely control the temperature and humidity in the warehouse. At the same time, most of air ducts are too long and easy to produce condensation phenomenon in the air outlet and diffuser part. These factors will greatly affect the quality of medicine storage, and also can't meet the standard of GSP certification.

Durkee air duct system is a kind of fabric flexible duct air dispersion system made of special fiber fabric, replacing traditional ducts, dampers, diffusers and insulation materials.

First of all, The Durkee air duct system adopts a unique air outlet mode, without dead air supply and retention area, to achieve uniform air supply in the warehouse and maintain even temperature and humidity in the warehouse. In addition, by the fiber fabric permeability of the duct wall surface, there is no temperature difference between the inside and outside of the duct wall, so no condensation will be generated even under the 75% relative humidity in the warehouse. At the same time, the simple and fast installation method and the high-cost performance of Durkee air ducts could save much time and a lot of cost for enterprises.

Good products don't need overwhelming packaging and publicity. The good reputation of the Durkee fabric duct system is spreading in pharmaceutical business enterprises. At present, many large pharmaceutical enterprises in China have been using Durkee, such as NCPC, CSPC , Sinopharm Group, etc.

Durkee air duct system is the best choice for pharmaceutical logistics warehouses and GSP.