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Serious Consequences of Choosing the Wrong Cloth Air Duct

In recent years, there are always some manufacturers in China imitating the products of Durkee air duct. They use general fiber fabric without accurate permeability and precise opening. The products do not match the air conditioning system, and the core technology of the product is still similar to the cloth air duct in the 1950s and 1960s.

They also called this product as fabric air duct.

When the fabric air duct is applied in the special and part of project, it will cause many negative consequences because of the product fiber material, design and installation factors, such as the following five points.

1. The exhaust air duct can't blow up.

2. The fabric material can not meet the fire protection requirements, resulting in the whole project fire acceptance obstruction or fire hazards.

3. The design is based on experience only. Duct inlet turbulance and the insufficient number of orifices may cause insufficient air volume, worse air supply effect and other situations. The effect of A/C is not good.

4. The issue of cutting technology will cause a series of problems, such as the phenomenon of twisting and squeezing after duct sewing.

5. The permeation rate is not accurate. When cooling air volume permeation is greater than 40-60%, resulting in cooling air loss at high altitude space. Pressure releasing also leads to duct shaking and A/C  equipment overload work.