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Durkee Assists the Construction of Guangzhou "Xiao Tangshan Designated Hospital" to fight against NCP

Durkee Assists the Construction of Guangzhou “Xiao Tangshan Designated Hospital”, which is going to be built in 7 Days.

Durkeesox supports Guangzhou Xiaotangshan

Guangzhou “Xiaotang Shan Hospital” will be located in Maliju, Baiyun District, Guangzhou. As the anti-virus epidemic prevention project, Guangzhou “Xiao Tangshan Hospital” is under construction for 6 days, and the project is positioned as a centralized emergency hospital that treats Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia(NCP) patients and integrates isolation, treatment, and rescue. 

The overall construction time of this special hospital is only 7days. After this project was completed, it will be able to treat over 1000 NCP patients, the overall capacity was built to hold 500 medical workers and 1000 patients totally. 


On Feb 3, 2020, Durkee (Wuhan) Insulation Material Company received an emergency call from a construction company in Guangzhou to ask that Durkee provides rubber pre insulated duct material for the project of Guangzhou “Xiao Tangshan Hospital” as soon as possible.


Regardless of the severe coronavirus situation, the special assistance team in Durkee was set up, organized staff in Durkee (Guangzhou) factory to work day and night and respond quickly. At present, the first batch of insulation materials required by Guangzhou Xiao Tangshan Hospital has been delivered to the project site on Feb 6, 2020.

Since the outbreak of the NCP epidemic, Durkee has paid close attention to the dynamics of the epidemic and the specific prevention and control work in various regions. On one hand, Durkee has taken timely and effective prevention and control countermeasures within the enterprise, on the other hand, Durkee also actively support the prevention and control of the epidemic outbreak of society. Durkee will continue to actively respond to the call of government and organizations and do our best to provide the promptest and effective assistance.

Durkee Assists the Construction of Guangzhou Xiao Tangshan Designated Hospital