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Precautions for Installation of the Fabric Air Duct Used in Workshops

1. The fabric air duct in the workshop

With the rapid development of society and economy, people are demanding higher and higher quality of life. Air-conditioning and fresh air systems will be installed in high-end residential quarters, large enterprises, office buildings, railway stations and other places. You will find that the performance of the fabric air duct used in the workshop is relatively obvious, the installation is relatively simple, and the application is very wide. So, what should you pay attention to when installing fabric ducts in the workshop?

2. The installation precautions of the fabric air duct in the workshop

When we install fabric air ducts in the workshop, there are many things that need special attention. When installing fabric air ducts, you can use auxiliary accessories such as tuyere dampers. According to indoor conditions and air supply parameters, arrange different forms of ventilation holes on the air duct or use corresponding permeability materials. At the same time, when the fabric air duct is installed, due to its light weight, the fabric air duct is connected by a zipper and is installed under the ceiling through a buckle or a slide rail. This is very convenient to install.

In addition, when fabric air ducts are used in the workshop, the size and position of the openings can be directly calculated by the computer to make holes in the air ducts. Fiber fabric air outlets can be used, and traditional diffusers can also be used to ensure uniform indoor ventilation. When choosing auxiliary accessories such as the tuyere air valve of the fabric air duct, you can arrange it according to the indoor situation and air supply parameters, and pay attention to the permeability of the air duct material. There are many things that need to be paid attention to when installing the fabric duct. According to the direction and form of the duct layout, choose the size, quantity, and orientation of the openings. When choosing a fabric air duct, you should also choose a large-scale and regular fabric air duct for workshops with better quality.