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Purchasing Tips of the Fabric Duct Material

Fabric air ducts are applied in many food industries and engineering construction processes. Their products have good corrosion resistance and mildew resistance, and they are all made of high-quality fabric duct materials, especially in fresh and new cold storage construction. This equipment can meet the cooling capacity requirements and low wind speed, and it plays a vital role in the fresh air conditioning system. Nowadays, there are different brands of fabric air ducts on the market. For the ducts, different materials have corresponding specifications and types. So, do you have any ideas about how to choose the right fabric air duct?

Ⅰ. How to choose the better one from various fabric air ducts on the market?

When choosing fabric air ducts, it is necessary to inspect the comprehensive strength, product quality, processing technology of a  fabric duct manufacturer to choose the high-end and well-known one. We should choose the high-quality fabric duct material, and its production process meets the relevant national production standards.

Ⅱ. There are many advantages for fabric air ducts

1. Fabric air ducts from Durkeesox are light. And the air supply is uniform, and the air output speed is fast. Compared with traditional air duct types, this fabric air duct has better antibacterial properties. It has good insulation performance and will not produce condensed water. There is no noise when the fabric air duct is running, creating a comfortable working environment for you.

2. The performance advantages of the entire fabric air duct are outstanding. Its airflow is uniform and comfortable, beautiful, lightweight, with fast installation, no condensation. It is green energy-saving, cost-saving with quiet operation, convenient maintenance, good quality, and reliability. The fabric air ducts are of various colors and have a variety of installation forms, which can be matched according to the construction of the entire indoor environment. When selecting fabric air ducts, we must choose large-scale and well-known air duct products and look at the material brand. And the production process, these are more important.