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The Use of Durkeesox Fabric Duct System Within Fireproof Compartment Is an End-Stage Air Delivery System

The Durkeesox fabric duct system is easy to use and fire-resistant

The Durkeesox fabric duct system is made of flexible materials and will collapse when not in use, but it will not wrinkle. In order to achieve better visual effects when not in use, you can choose the double-row suspension method to install the system.

When not in use, it will appear oval when viewed from the bottom, which is similar to when it is inflated. Alternatively, you can choose another Durkeesox fabric duct system with an internal support ring, which can maintain a circular shape even when not ventilating.

The principle of the Durkeesox fabric duct system's air supply is induced layer flow. The airflow is less exchanged with the surrounding air at high altitude when it comes out of the air supply outlet. Therefore, it is less likely to diffuse than ordinary air conditioners and only gradually disperses within the application area.

Therefore, the temperature difference between hot and cold air is relatively small, and when used in conjunction with a dual air supply system, the effect will be better.

The cleaning protection cycle of the Durkeesox fabric duct varies, and the length of protection time is determined by various factors such as the air supply method, the cleanliness requirements of the environment, the filtering degree of the air conditioner, the customer's tolerance for the dirt on the Durkeesox fabric duct.

In general, the recommended cleaning cycle for various usage scenarios is: every 3 months for clean room environments such as refrigeration and food processing, and 6 months to 1 year for commercial and public environments. For industrial plants and large sports venues, it is recommended to clean every 1-3 years. In the case of long-term severe pollution, the fibers may darken during the cleaning process.

Common questions about Durkeesox fabric ducts

The Durkeesox fabric duct has permeability, isn't that air leakage?

This air duct is mainly used for transmission while blowing air, which is suitable for situations where the air is not suspended in a large space without a suspended ceiling. If it is to be used for transmission only without blow, it is not suitable. Alternatively, non-breathable materials can be used, but only in refrigeration and ventilation environments with low condensation requirements.

Does your fabric duct system have no air at the rear because the wind blows out from the side?

The frictional resistance of this air duct is small, and the resistance along the way is generally not greater than the value of static pressure recovery. As long as the static pressure at the entrance of the straight pipe inlet is greater than 80Pa and the air velocity at the entrance is above 5-9m/s, there will be no phenomenon of no air at the end.

Can the Durkeesox fabric ducts filter air?

It has a certain filtering effect, but cannot replace the air filter of the air conditioning unit. If required, the fabric duct can be equipped with a special fabric high-efficiency filter device at its inlet to filter dust.

Can Durkeesox fabric ducts pass through firewall partitions?

Yes, but fire dampers must be installed. The Durkeesox fabric duct system should be connected to both ends of the fire damper, so that it cannot form a chain reaction and is in compliance with fire safety regulations.