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The Air Ducts Can Provide a Storage Environment of Low Temperature to Extend the Shelf Life of Vegetables

The cold chain of fruits and vegetables refers to the links from the farm to the dining table, that is, from the commercialization of the origin, pre-cooling, refrigeration, transportation, sales, and consumer home freshness. It is a special supply chain system, which is always in a prescribed low-temperature environment without breaking the chain to ensure the quality of vegetables and reduce losses, prevent pollution, and meet the consumers’ demands. If anyone of these links is not in place, it will affect the quality of the product. The cold chain logistics technology is more complicated than other logistics technologies. It requires refrigeration technology to pre-cool and refrigerate the perishable products, and to prolong the storage period and the shelf life of products. The cold storage ventilation is also needed in the process. The current cold chain logistics preservation technology is a physical technology, which is generally safe for use in vegetable preservation.

Some vegetables are more sensitive to low temperatures. If stored at unsuitable temperatures, it will be easy to cause physiological and metabolic disorders and cause damage to the cell membrane structure, resulting in the disease resistance and storage tolerance of vegetables reduced, and causing serious rot and quality deterioration.

The fabric air duct system and refrigeration equipment can ensure the even distribution of the cooling capacity in the storage, improve the heat transfer efficiency, reduce the dry consumption of vegetables, improve the storage quality of vegetables, and achieve the purpose of energy-saving. The cold air can be transported to the work area at a speed of 0.07-0.18m / s through the cloth air duct. In spaces that require a large amount of cold air supply, when the ground cooling load is up to 300W / m2, the air ducts can achieve air supply without obvious blowing feeling, and as a surface-type air supply method, the air supply is uniform and can guarantee a very high-temperature uniformity, and can create a low-temperature storage environment for vegetables and extend the shelf life of vegetables.