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Fabric Performance Characteristics of Cloth Air Duct

The biggest characteristics of fabric of cloth air duct are as follows:

1) The fiber fabric has high strength and elastic recovery ability, so it is firm and durable with wrinkle resistance and easy care.

2) It is very easy to dry after washing, and the washing strength almost does not drop and deform with good washing performance.

3) Fiber is the best heat-resistant fabric in synthetic fiber fabric, which has thermoplastic property.

4) The fiber fabric has better light resistance, which is a little worse than the eyelet fiber, and its light resistance is better than the natural fiber fabric, especially in the back of the glass, which is almost equal to the eyelet fiber.

5) the fiber fabric has good resistance to all kinds of chemicals, and is not damaged by acid and alkali, it is not afraid of mould or moth.

The material guarantee of fiber fabric is the basic guarantee of the quality of the Durkee cloth air duct system. In the temporary architectural design, the traditional metal air duct cannot be easily carried when the building is demolished. Our textile series cloth air duct products are reset to 250-450g/m², which can be carried around and reused.