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How is Fabric Air Duct Compared with Traditional Air Duct?

Fabric air duct is a flexible air exchange terminal composed of special fibers. It is very popular in the market. Now, it has replaced traditional air supply ducts, air valves, air diffusers and other air supply ends in many places. With the continuous development of textile technology, fabric air duct will occupy a larger share in the market. Next, a more detailed introduction to the basic knowledge of fabric air duct will be shared as follows.

The fabric air duct produced by the latest technology has larger air volume but without the blowing feeling. The wind permeates the whole duct wall and brings a great comfortable sensation with the unique micropore jet-flow air outlet mode. In addition, the fiber gap of the fabric air duct is designed by special process, so the overall air supply is more uniform. Because of the infiltration type uniform air-out, the noise of the air duct is lower than that of the traditional air duct, and it is suitable for the occasions such as conference halls and academic lecture halls where the noise is required to be low.

The overall air supply of Durkee cloth air duct is uniform using the micropore air-out, and the air distribution points are also uniform, which can ensure the ideally uniform air supply condition and prevent the condensation in the process of air supply. Through the fiber infiltration ventilation of the whole duct wall, a cold air layer will be formed outside the duct wall, and there is almost no temperature difference between the inside and outside of the duct wall, which can fundamentally solve the problem of condensation. Besides, it is unnecessary to carry out piping insulation.

The cleaning and maintenance work is more convenient: The fabric air duct can be assembled and disassembled very conveniently. The washing of the air duct can be completed through the industrial washing machine, and the frequent cleaning of the air duct can ensure the air supply quality to the greatest extent.

Fabric air duct is lighter than traditional iron duct: The weight of the fabric duct is less, so the load on the roof will be greatly reduced.

Strong designability: The customization and special design can meet the environment of different plants, and non-standard air duct systems can also be designed.

The installation work is simple, time-saving and labor-saving: The wind speed is relatively low during the operation of the fabric air duct, and the transmission and resonance will not occur. The installation process is relatively simple, which can greatly shorten the construction period.