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How to Control the Air Supply Setting of the Fabric Ducting

Ⅰ. Brief introduction of fabric duct system

Fabric duct system, also known as fabric fiber duct or bag-type air duct, is a type of air supply terminal device made of special fabric that integrates air transmission and distribution. Fresh air through fiber pores or small openings spreads from the inside of the cavity to the room.

Compared with the conventional air supply system, the fabric duct system has the characteristics of easy cleaning, large air outlet area, light weight, simple construction and short cycle. At the same time, it can also solve the problems of cold air feeling and surface condensation that are easy to appear in low-temperature air-conditioning systems.

At present, fabric duct system is increasingly used as air supply terminal device in various large-scale places to improve indoor air quality. Experimental research results show that the air supply mode based on the fabric ducting can create good indoor air quality, the human body has a small sense of blowing, and it can reduce the possibility of people being affected by the secondary influence of polluted air.

Ⅱ. How to control the air supply setting of the fabric ducting

1. The "self-rectifying" effect of the permeable fabric duct system on the air is basically independent of the amount of air supply, but the surface air velocity increases with the increase of the air supply, and the relationship between the two is approximately linear.

2. With the increase of air supply, the total air pressure and static pressure in the permeable fabric duct system gradually increase, the gradient of static pressure increase and dynamic pressure attenuation gradient become larger and larger, and the static pressure recovery phenomenon at the end becomes more and more obvious.